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1. Advocating the toy train hobby

2. Promoting toy train activities, fellowship, and fun

3. Sharing our toy train interests and knowledge

4. Helping people buy, collect, sell, and trade toy trains

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Officers of our Group

President       John Cullen   cullen3948@msn.com                      303-986-9380

Treasurer       Rick Shetter   reshetter@msn.com                    303-880-9375

Secretary       John Busch   41trainguy@gmail.com                  303-880-8513

         Auction Committee Chair                          Ron White

         Boarding Pass Committee Chair             John Busch

         Sales Committee Chair                             Tony Dower

         Module Committee Chair                          David Gahagen

         Communications Committee Chair         John Busch

Colorado Toy Train Group 2017 Events                              

                        January 28-29th                   Day of Fun with Toy Trains at Pinehurst CC             

                        April 8-9th                             2 day O auction at the Denver Ramada                       

                        May 13th                                 1 day HO auction at The Ranch CC

                        June 10th                             Boarding Pass holder social at Pinehurst CC                      

                        August 12-13th                     2 day O auction at the Denver Ramada           

                        September 9th                    Boarding Pass holder social at The Ranch CC

                        October 7-8th                        2 day O auction at The Ranch CC        

                        November 11-12th               2 day O auction at The Ranch CC

                        December 9th                      CTTG Holiday Party


Our Next Auction is April 8 & 9th 2017

Auction to be held at the Ramada Plaza Central

4849 Bannock Street, Denver, CO 80216


The Colorado Toy Train Group, LLC (CTTG) and Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) are co-sponsoring their first auction for 2017. to be held again at the Ramada Plaza, 4849 Bannock St., in Denver. Colorado.  Viewing begins at 8 a.m. and the auction will begin at 9 a.m.

This is a two-day, 802 lot, event that is heavily loaded with Lionel products, including over 230 lots of postwar items. 





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